Episode 5

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After launching its first brand to market, the Pattern Brands team reflects on their journey and what’s next for their company and the industry as a whole.

In the final episode of the first series of Breaking Brand, the Pattern Brands team takes us behind-the-scenes as they launch their first brand to market. We learn the tactics they used to build relationships with their first customers and hear how launch day transpired first-hand. We then look ahead to the future of the direct-to-consumer industry and discover what's next for the Pattern Brands team. Nick and Emmett also share their reflections on the journey from Gin Lane to Pattern Brands.

Must-listen moments

1:51 — Why Equal Parts ran a pre-launch referral scheme

“We look to some of the other brands that we've worked with — Harry’s being one of them [...] They were the leader in launching a really successful referral campaign, and we've tried to model it off of that.” — Tyler Sgro

3:18 — How the Equal Parts launch day played out

“I remember waking up at 7 Am and by 7:30 Tyler had sent me and Emmett a screenshot of our backend platform showing our first order." — Nick Ling

6:00 — Emmett explains his experience trying out Equal Parts as a customer

“After building websites and per se intangible, non-physical items for so long it was really special to make these physical items and have them work and not only work, but work really well." — Emmett Shine

9:57 — How the direct-to-consumer industry is shifting

“A lot of these brands are going to be a lot more capital efficient. Some may not raise any money or a fraction of what the past kind of few cohorts of brands did." — Richie Siegel

13:58 — Emmett on one of the challenges ahead for Pattern

“I think an interesting challenge for Pattern is, how do you build a modern brand in a way that can be high-growth and reach scale and do all the cool startup stuff, but not have to burn people out to do it?" — Emmett Shine

16:15 — Pattern's audience-first approach to growth

“I think our first goal is to build an audience and to build a message that is almost like a grassroots movement. And then from there we need to start listening to that community around us as we grow the business." — Nick Ling

19:53 — Nick on the importance of the Pattern team

"Long-term what makes or breaks this business is the team we have around us and how we work together." — Nick Ling


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Emmett Shine

Creative Director & Co-founder of Pattern Brands

Camille Baldwin

VP Brand & Founding Team of Pattern Brands

Nick Ling

CEO & Co-founder of Pattern Brands

Erin Griffith

New York Times journalist, reporting on technology start-ups and venture capital

Nik Sharma

Direct-consumer strategist and marketer

Tyler Sgro

General Manager of Equal Parts

Richie Siegel

Loose Threads Founder & CEO

Max Miller

Audio engineer and producer based in New York City

Sandra Ferrari

Head of Production at Message Head

Jake Warren

Founder and CEO of Message Heard

Emily Whalley

Marketing and communications at Message Heard

Ash Read

Editorial director, Buffer